Flowers By Marlo

Flowers By Marlo
294 Central Ave, Newark, NJ 07103-3214, USA
(973) 674-5114


Helen Kim

Saturday, Jan. 20, 2018

I ordered the wrapped long stem roses in the morning over the phone and received them within a few hours by personal delivery same day for free! They were absolutely beautiful and so fresh. The woman was so nice, polite, professional, and helpful. I highly recommend their services and will order from them again.

Ronnella Walker

Friday, Feb. 16, 2018

Husband has been going here for a few years purchasing over $100 +up bouquet consistently for several major holidays for me. Very beautiful work I must mention. However, on Valentine's day 2018 FBM completely missed the ball. To make a long story short FBM never delivered the flowers. Someone probably (Brittany Glass the owner) screwed up by calling the wrong #(hubby#) for delivery. My husband begin calling them at 1pm on V-day & could not get through as their phone seemed to be having issues. He called & called then on the day after V-day their # started working again (meaninging VM etc). So hubby left 2 messages & no one returned his calls. Now on the 3rd day a female named Brittany (Which I found out is the owner) called me @9:30am suggesting that they had a delivery for me but no one answered the phone & they didn't have an apt# for me. Mind you she doesnt tell me when the delivery or phone call was etc. My husband had already expressed his disappointment to me as well as what actions he took to rectify the situation unbeknownst to Brittany. So I gave her the #apt # & she tells me she will call 15mins before delivery & I hang up. Ok, no big deal right? I was asleep when she called but answered because caller id clearly said Flowers by Marlos. So when I hung up I immediately really woke up & called her back. I called back because I realized that someone was trying to duck out of taking responsibility & bypassing the purchaser & running some bs game to the recipient. Point being deliver flowers put the screw up on purchaser & never deal with him directly. No phone call, no apology, no credit towards future purchase etc. I called back & asked Brittany Glass (owner) if she spoke with the purchaser (hubby)as he may or may not want the order at this point. This ghetto(ignorant & inappropriate female) begains to go Love & Hip Hop(from 0 to1000 in 10 seconds or less) on a sister when I make it clear to her the efforts hubby put forth in trying to reach them etc. This little girl almost took me back to the days when I wld go put some grease on my face & roll up to somebodys house & whoop they ass in front of everyone for having a big ass mouth. So while she yelled & screamed I just hung up & called hubby. She was calling him on the other line & he didn't answer. Bottom line I asked hubby to simply request a refund & unfortunately that ends our relationship with them. He called & spoke to someone else who just said I will refund you; no apologies no anything. The bottom line is this, the missed delivery no big deal; things happen. Good thing we not crazy V-day people or that would off really put a damper on things. It's the way they handled it. Absolutely unprofessional! When you make a mistake admit it, rectify it & move on. Don't pass it along, don't be a jack ass; just get it done. Brittney needs to be fired oh wait she's the owner; a very bad reflection of this business. Look at the reviews as there are plenty of other folks complaining about delivery practices & the shenanigans this Owner is pulling. Ps.Black Owned business we must do better! You can't just focus on the product alone, you must invest money & time into your customer service. I am at a point in my life that I would gladly pay a premium for a quality product & quality service. #Hargrave


Thursday, Feb. 15, 2018

Flowers I ordered days before were not delivered on valentine's day. Their phone has rung to voice mail all day today (feb 15th)

Odeta Kaci

Thursday, Sep. 14, 2017

They dont know how to make business. They messed up my order and sent a completely different bouquet. DO NOT ORDER ONLINE FROM THEM THEY ARE THE WORST

Charrie Neal

Wednesday, Feb. 14, 2018

My wife never received her flowers today on Valentine's Day. I will never order anything from this place again!