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Monday, May 9, 2016

We ordered a delivery for Mother's day from Gardens To Go's website. The delivery arrived in a timely fashion. Unfortunately, we made the mistake of selecting that substitutions of comparable kind and quality were acceptable. As a result, the bouquet that arrived was significantly different from the bouquet that was ordered online. While we were hoping for vibrant and bright colors, the large bright orange roses were substituted for one red and one orange Gerbera Daisy (which, after a conversation with shop's owner, Heather, I was advised that this is the standard practice as they have the same market value and color, which is what they look for in a substitution), the small bright pink carnations were substituted for large pastel pink carnations. The bright orange spray roses were a dull yellow spray rose, and I can't speak to the color of the Matsumoto Asters as none of them are close to blooming at this point. We were very disappointed with the bouquet overall. When I called to discuss how to solve this issue, I was met with defensive employees rather than customer service. I full understand that when this was ordered, a box was checked that stated that comparable substitutions were acceptable, as my wife and I trusted that if more than half of the bouquet was going to be changed, then we would receive a phone call to discuss other options. As this was a busy weekend for deliveries, the only customer service option, according to the owner, was to go to my wife's mother's house and take back her flowers and sell them to another customer and issue us a refund. Obviously we did not want someone to show up and take away a Mother's Day present, even if it did not look like we were expecting it to, but I was hoping for more than a "take it or leave it" attitude from the shop's owner. Not once did we receive an apology for the fact that we were not satisfied, and I did not feel as though they wanted to work towards resolving this matter. In fact, at the end of our conversation, once I realized there was nothing that could be done regarding the flowers, I started to say "The optimal outcome for this phone call at this point for me is..." and the owner cut me off and accused me of wanting my money back and explained why that wasn't possible, when all I wanted was for an apology to my wife as she was very upset over this whole ordeal and the level of customer service that was provided. We won't be using this florist again. There was no semblance of customer service, and if substitutions can be allowed, you won't get a phone call even if a majority of the bouquet is going to be changed.