Jersey Shore Florist

Jersey Shore Florist
2300 State Rte 33, Brighton Ave., Neptune City, NJ 07753, USA
(732) 775-2233


Khvicha Bowman

Monday, May 1, 2017

I never check any more what kind of arrangement they deliver .. they have all you need. . healthy flowers .. tasteful arrangement .. they always have something to surprise you never the same design .. good job Jersey forest .. thank you

Warren Lapp

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Great service... always available and they have all the freshest flowers.

Donna Westerman

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Do not use this florist for your wedding. Rick is an absolute nightmare. We went in for our first consultation a few months ago. He was totally unprepared for us, no where to sit, no portfolio of work and we were constantly being interrupted by personal cell phone calls and business calls. When my daughter described what she wanted we were told no problem I have been doing this for years. His main business appears to be hospital and funeral arrangements and that is probably what he should stick with. When I told him I wanted a mock up bridal bouquet as well as a centerpiece for the reception he told me I was crazy and that was totally not necessary. Then he told me he would have to charge me for that. I said that's no problem at all I have never dealt with you so I want to see a sample of your work. I was then told how busy he was and there was this holiday and that holiday and Mother's Day and the soonest he could get it to me would be June. I told him that would be fine. My daughter and I were feeling a bit uneasy and about a month ago went in for a second appointment and the atmosphere was the same. Rick was a bit of a scatterbrain and wasted about 30 minutes of our time telling us how busy he was and he never had time off. And then just last week and 10 weeks before my daughter's wedding he canceled on us. He left me a voicemail saying that his son is in a wedding and he is his main helper and his second helper is going away for the weekend and there was no possible way he could do the wedding. He then gave me another florist who he highly recommended but interestingly enough it was the exact same florist he told us on our first visit not to use because she was double the price. Of course I would not use any recommendation from this florist and since then have found a fantastic florist, who welcomed us professionally and with respect. She provided some great ideas and cost saving opportunities and jaw dropping design ideas and substantiated it with an updated portfolio. Non of which we got from Rick. As we all know weddings can be quite stressful while preparing but all the details that lead up to the one of the most important days of a persons life should be happy and fun. Jersey Shore Flowers needs to rethink who they want their client to be and if in fact it is clients who are willing to spend thousands of dollars for a wedding there is a level of respect, trust and protocol they need to employ. That same customer will be a repeat customer if they do it right.

john amoscato

Wednesday, Feb. 28, 2018

The only florist you will ever need.

Melinda Lapan

Saturday, Oct. 17, 2015

Rick, the owner was very accommodating and creative with our wedding centerpieces and my bride bouquet. We showed him some pictures of things we liked and he took those ideas and turned them into gorgeous floral arrangements for our wedding. We highly recommend Jersey Shore Florist!